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Barbados is a surfer’s paradise, because we are a coral island far out in the Atlantic the waves coming across the ocean hits our coral reefs and create some of the best surf waves in the Caribbean. The south east where we are doesn’t have the big waves but there is always a small wav in the Bays and Points around here, such as Surfer’s Point, South Point and Freight’s Bay. Going along the south coast, up north and to the east coast you have Brandons, Batt’s Rock, Sandy lane, Tropicana, Maycock’s, Duppy’s and the best at Bathesheba –Soup Bowl and Parlour.

It’s almost always possible to surf every day in Barbados. There a many surf schools on island and right next door to us is Zed’s Surfing Adventure who we work with. We also work with other surf schools both local & foreign such as Melanie’s, Barry, Liquid Blue, Errant etc., for more personal or individual surf classes we recommend Alan Burke.

Kite Surf

Long Beach and Silver Sands are nearby beaches that are also world famous for kite surfing in the winter months.



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